Jack Turnbull

Illustrator and Graphic Novelist living in Boston, Massachusetts USA. Holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) class of '07.  

Author of The Invasive Exotics, I Escaped A Satanic Ninja Cult,  Roger Otto: Dinosaur Skateboarder and other zines & comic books.  

Has shown in Brooklyn NY, Rome Italy, Boston MA & Providence RI.  

Takes commissions & is available for Illustration. Email mr.jackwhturnbull@gmail.com for commisions, rates, questions and comments.  

Facebook - www.facebook.com/jack.turnbull2

Twitter - @MrTurnbull13

Instagram - #jackturnbullstudios

Blog - http://www.jackturnbullstudios.blogspot.com