The Invasive Exotics - (2010) tells the tale of a CEO (Byron E. Slimecold) of an ice cream corporation, the Slimecold Creamery, who attempts to gentrify Brooklyn within a month by introducing a species of invasive exotics ants, or "Siafu" (army ants of Tanzania).  He pumps the Siafu full of steroids and alters their DNA, making them obnoxious at least, lethal at worst.  As residents flee the pandemic, he plans to buy all the newly abandoned property, allowing there to be a Slimecold Creamery on every street corner.  Unfortunately, his unpaid intern becomes disgruntled for financial reasons and gives the ants overdoses of steroids.  This causes the ants to grow to monstrous proportions.  Jane Easewell, the former head of the Project Siafu, must kill the queen ant in order to save New York City.   "INVASIVE EXOTICS is a mash-up of a startling array of genres, including sci-fi, conspiracy fiction, psychedelic social satire, slice-of-life, and crime fiction." Rob Clough, High Low Review

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I Escaped A Satanic Ninja Cult - (2013) The Crane Dinner Theatre is an institution to the small Cape Ann town of Rosgus.  It offer a fine dinning experience accompanied by song, dance, plays and performances.  But beneath the veneer of velvet curtains and art deco murals lies the cult of the Theatre's founder, Javier Crane, who has established a temple to the ancient pagan god Moloch.  The cult deals in extortion, the drug trade ... and human sacrifice.  IEASNC chronicles the seduction of two protagonists into the Crane Dinner Theatre cult and their harrowing escape, all the while investigating the psychological and physical damage cults inflict on their victims.  

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Roger Otto: Dinosaur Skateboarder (2016) - Tells the story of Roger Otto, a rare breed in the Boston landscape; a seven foot tall teenage velociraptor.  He's had trouble fitting in and has even had to transfer between middle schools due to issues of bullying (ironically, he's the victim, not the perpetrator).  But things change for the better when he meets Erson and Billy, two students attending school in Charlestown who share Roger's interest in skateboarding.  Roger, Erson and Billy thrash threw the streets of Boston searching for new environments on an adventure of urban exploration.  The city of Boston takes center stage as its various skatespots are exposed to new and upcoming thrashers.  

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MISCELLANEOUS WORKS - Not all of the Turnbull collection is represented here as some works would violate copyright infringement. Regardless, some short stories can be found Here.